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This blend is a source of nutrients to optimize brain function and cognitive function. Get ready for reduced brain fog, deep focus and naturally heightened alertness when you need it.

Lion’s Mane mushroom - one of the best nutritional supplements for supporting cognitive functions, improving brain function, memory and the central nervous system. Delicious and sweet gummies are a good alternative to tablets and capsules. The product is manufactured by Functional Nutrition, which has a good reputation in the health support market. According to the manufacturer, daily consumption of just 2 Bears will improve brain performance and generate new ideas. This is a good solution for people involved in creativity, scientific work, university studies or professional activities in the IT industry. Nootropic Hericium erinaceus Mushroom Gummies are also recommended for the elderly as one of the ways to maintain mental clarity and prevent the development of dementia. Although the manufacturer claims the product is highly effective, the results are mostly individual and depend on various factors.

Beneficial Features


Hericium erinaceus extract has been clinically proven to improve neuronal and brain function. You will make the right decisions faster and increase your reaction speed.


The nutritional supplement allows you to get rid of chronic fatigue and increase your productivity. This will help you stay active for the rest of the day, eliminate symptoms of brain fog, and generate new ideas.


The components that make up the Lion’s Mane help increase the amount of NGF-factor (neuronal growth factor). This has a positive effect on improving memory, and also helps to prevent neuro-degenerative diseases.


Natural product improves the quality of sleep, regulates the function of the central nervous system and helps to get rid of the effects of depression or apathy. The formula provides easier awakening and prevents nervous breakdowns. Scientific evidence for the positive effects of this extract confirms its properties.


Gummies are the fastest and most convenient way to create new projects and ideas. The product nourishes the brain cells with useful and nutritious substances that allow you to activate creativity and creativity. Recent research has shown that this product is well worth your attention. Combining the capabilities of science and medicine, the product is one of the best on the market. Take the supplement only as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid overdose or side effects. Monitor and support your cognitive function naturally. This is an absolute bestseller - a unique combination of components that work better than analogues. Super formula that has no competitors on the market.

Cognitive Functions

Possessing a pronounced neuroprotective effect, the product helps to normalize cognitive functions, get rid of anxiety and stress. This formula will help in almost any profession and in training. The mushroom contains biologically active substances such as nerve growth factor (NGF) that may contribute to the health of the nervous system.

Nootropic Mushroom "Hericium erinaceus"

Hericium erinaceus: a fungus unique in its biological properties, also known as Hericium erinaceus, Pom-pom, mushroom noodles and so on. Belongs to the genus Hericium. This mushroom got its name because of its amazing appearance, somewhat similar to a monkey's head. The mushroom was widely used in Asian countries. It can be found in many traditional Chinese herbs recipes and as an ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Feel the beauty of using this product today.

In the middle of the last century, the Hericium erinaceus was used as one of the ways to treat gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In China, it is called the source of eternal youth and is eaten to cleanse the body of toxins. The healing properties of the mushroom interested American scientists and they began to carefully study them. A number of studies have shown that Lion’s Mane helps increase the amount of NGF factor, thereby contributing to the support of cognitive functions and brain function. To date, Pom-pom mushroom-based vitamin products are recommended for people with Alzheimer's disease, memory impairment, multiple sclerosis, and simply as a way to support the immune system. Some scientists claim that it helps stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Convince yourself of the effectiveness of the product today. Functional solution to support your health. There are anecdotal studies that show that this mushroom can actually help support brain function and cognitive function. The unique properties of Lion’s Mane have been repeatedly confirmed by research. If you take these vitamins regularly, the results will be impressive. Some research suggests that it may promote nerve cell growth and enhance the production of nerve growth factors in the brain, which could potentially have a positive effect on memory, learning, and overall brain health. Correct and effective application of this formula gives impressive results. Due to its superior properties, the formula is truly superior to its peers. By the way, this product is credited with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. Some studies also indicate potential antitumor properties. The formula does not cause side effects. These foods provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals that may not be sufficient in a normal diet. Before choosing this product, compare it with its competitors. This fantastic product will definitely be much better than many of its competitors. You simply must try this natural remedy. And most importantly, the price is very reasonable.

Using Gummies for brain and memory has become a very common solution. There are a huge number of nutritional supplements based on Hericium erinaceus on the market today in various forms: mixtures, capsules, tablets. There is a logical explanation for this. Gummies can be used absolutely everywhere: at home, on the street, in the car, at work or while traveling. You don't need water to get the nutrients. In addition, the mushroom itself has a rather specific taste, which sometimes creates problems when eating it. In the case of chewing sweets, it will be not only healthy, but also tasty. Many will be delighted with this product. Are you suffering from forgetfulness? Can't remember events, people's names or important information at the right moment? Use these vitamins and you will see how simple and effective this solution is. The mushroom gummies will help improve your concentration on the important moments in your life and get rid of brain fog problems at any age. You will feel the effect from the first days. Start your day more productively with this product. In all characteristics and properties, this additive is better than its competitors. It is a healthy, tasty and highly nutritious addition to your daily diet. Powerful action from the first days - that's what you need.

What other benefits does the product have:


The composition Lion’s Mane includes a pure extract of Hericium erinaceus at a dosage of 1000 mg per daily serving.


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1. Am I Too Old To Take These Gummies?

The unique beneficial properties of gummies make it a universal assistant for people of all ages. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to keep your mind clear and prevent dementia, stay in good shape and control emotions.

2. When Will I See First Results?

It depends on many individual factors. According to customer reviews, many of them felt an improvement after 15-30 days.

3. What Should I Do If I Don't See Improvements?

If you decide to take Mushroom Gummies, you can count on a 60-day money-back guarantee.

4. How to Take?

The recommended daily dose is 2 Gummies. One bottle contains a 15-day supply, so we recommend ordering from 2 bottles at once.

5. Can I Find It at a Pharmacy or Local Store?

Although the sale Hericium erinaceus pharmacy may be carried out, you can only get original supplement from Functional Nutrition through the official website. This supplement is the best that modern nature has to offer you.

6. When Will I Receive My Package?

Delivery is carried out in many countries of the world. The seller promises to deliver the order within 2-4 business days after the confirmation of the online application. The original complex works better than analogues. Find out the price right now.

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